On Shoot for my first ever extra work on a music video!


I was lucky enough to be on set of Enter Shikari’s music video for their new song ‘Rat Race’!

Here’s me taking a photo of the random forest we got lost in on our way to a random farm in Farnham (quite a nice photo actually)



Shameless selfie on set

IMG_3658The MASSIVE floodlight that was keeping a large proportion of the set alight

IMG_3660 IMG_3659


A couple of behind the scenes shots of the cars which were used to put video equipment on top of such as big lights to shine onto the extras. After 5 hours of waiting around and working hard setting everything up and running around keeping the extras happy, im not surprised the girl above looks as if she is falling asleep ^


A little snap I got of the band getting ready to run 😀

Overall the experience was an interesting one that I definitely won’t forget. Not only did I get to meet one of my favorite bands BUT I got a real inside look on how a big production like this works and all the different job roles that are available in the film industry.


And I think you know they must’ve missed a point. Hold on, we just hold on for an exit (8)

Enter Shikari- Rat Race



Everytime im given a work deadline or put under a ton of pressure my face ends up going like this:

ImageStress also tends to make me go from




So stress, PLEASE go away. Thank you.

How do you feel when there’s no sun?
And how will you be when rain clouds come and pull you down again? (8)

Feeder- Feeling a Moment

Living with 3rd years and a 2nd year student. EEP!

I knew that living with student’s who were 19/20/21 would be strange. But man do I feel like such a baby. I feel as if I should walk around the house wearing a nappy. Graham (Who is an interesting character to say the least) is 29. OH how I feel really young. I also can’t lazy about and get my poor old mum to do everything for me. Oh how I miss being lazy.


And I’m too young to care, yeah… (8)

Muse- Blackout


My rooms got slightlyyy messy….


(Excuse the hand guesture)

Josh: Hi mum could you come all the way from London and clean my room for me like you used to?

Mum: Yes of course, anything for my darling son.

PSHHHHH, I wish. 😦

There’s a world where I can go and tell my secrets to
In my room, in my room (8)

The Beach Boys- In My Room

My unhealthy obsession of Muse-ic and how that’s helped me get through uni so far.

Im obsessed with a band called Muse. I listen to them for the majority of my day and listening to their music somewhat takes me into my own little world (as weird as that sounds). I’ve joined several Muse fan pages on facebook to show my love towards the band. THAT’S how obsessed I am. To be honest, im obsessed with music in general. I spend the 30 minute journey to and from uni listening to music and whenever I find the opportunity to wear my headphones, I listen to music. I squeeze in a few hours of music a day AT LEAST. It allows me to become less sociable and feel alone in my own little world. Music has helped me so much over the past two weeks from moving in and listen to music when I feel lonely, to walking around uni and listening to music through my headphones. Here’s some bands I regularly listen to and some gigs I have gone to.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 15.01.14



And some kind of madness has started to evolve
MA MA MA MA MA MA MA MA Mad Mad Mad (8)

Muse- Madness

Music, runs through my blood.

Music. Man its an important part of my everyday life. It originates from my father, who was a blues singer in the 60s in a band called ‘Sam Apple Pie’ (Cool name I know). My uncle, Doug Sampson, was the original drummer of Iron Maiden (For 2 years or so) but I find that really interesting. The interest in drumming originated from me just tapping on tables from an early age. I really got into drumming when I was 15, and im still really into it. Its been a real passion of mine since I was young and I have always dreamed of me performing on stage in a band to thousands of people. Oh how that dream probably wont come true. Never mind.