My unhealthy obsession of Muse-ic and how that’s helped me get through uni so far.

Im obsessed with a band called Muse. I listen to them for the majority of my day and listening to their music somewhat takes me into my own little world (as weird as that sounds). I’ve joined several Muse fan pages on facebook to show my love towards the band. THAT’S how obsessed I am. To be honest, im obsessed with music in general. I spend the 30 minute journey to and from uni listening to music and whenever I find the opportunity to wear my headphones, I listen to music. I squeeze in a few hours of music a day AT LEAST. It allows me to become less sociable and feel alone in my own little world. Music has helped me so much over the past two weeks from moving in and listen to music when I feel lonely, to walking around uni and listening to music through my headphones. Here’s some bands I regularly listen to and some gigs I have gone to.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 15.01.14



And some kind of madness has started to evolve
MA MA MA MA MA MA MA MA Mad Mad Mad (8)

Muse- Madness


Music, runs through my blood.

Music. Man its an important part of my everyday life. It originates from my father, who was a blues singer in the 60s in a band called ‘Sam Apple Pie’ (Cool name I know). My uncle, Doug Sampson, was the original drummer of Iron Maiden (For 2 years or so) but I find that really interesting. The interest in drumming originated from me just tapping on tables from an early age. I really got into drumming when I was 15, and im still really into it. Its been a real passion of mine since I was young and I have always dreamed of me performing on stage in a band to thousands of people. Oh how that dream probably wont come true. Never mind.


Missing London :(

If it wasnt bad enough that I didn’t get into halls, I have to now travel in by bus because its too far to walk. I didn’t expect the buses to be so expensive! the worst part is they stop running at 11:30pm so that means I can’t go to any freshers events without having to pay for a taxi home. Sadly im not sure if my student income could cover that. This in the long run effects me making friends because so many people meet at freshers events and become friends. Wow, this sucks. TFL please forgive me and take me back?

pic 2


I miss you, miss you (8)

Blink 182- Miss You

Fear of Loneniness/Making Friends

This was probably my biggest fear about uni. And if things weren’t any harder, I wanted to change course. Not to say I had many friends on the original course I was doing (2 people) but the fear of joining a new course late and wondering whether or not id be accepted and whether or not id make friends was another worry. Im realllly shy. I tend to sit there 80% of the time and act invisible so that hopefully my ‘awkwardness’ wont show. At home I only really had 2 or 3 close, ‘best friends’ you could say. The challenge for me was finding common interests with other people. im TERRIBLE at conversing with people. So many thoughts runnning through my head. Would I actually make any friends? only time can tell. 281612_2245845543328_5995324_n



Wish that you’re friends with a thousand different people, but im still Barce-Loner (8)

Dinosaur Pile-Up- Barce Loner

Becoming more professional in my work (Sharing Knowledge Post)

Over the past year or so I feel that my films have become more and more professional. The first film I made was called ‘James Bond Wannabe’ where I used my sisters Logitech Webcam and filmed myself doing various sketches and what not (I wont go into too much detail). At the time I thought that ‘Windows Movie Maker’ was the greatest creation ever made for Windows. OH how I was wrong…



I then decided one day in 2012, after so many years of using ‘Windows Movie Maker’ and the newer ‘Windows Live Movie Maker’ (Which was even worse), that it was time to find a better editing software. After various downloads and program tests, I decided that Sony Vegas Pro was right for me. It’s such a simple, user friendly program. It may not be so good for proper professional films HOWEVER for something like my film portfolio for instance, its perfect.

much better


As I started using a better camera (Canon 650d), Better equipment (Using an actual Tripod rather than trying to balance it), planning my shots and scripting what I say and do AND using better editing software (Sony Vegas Pro) I started to notice an improvement, not only in the quality of my work but in the comments section of YouTube too.The quality had drastically improved (from the 240p of the old YouTube days, to full 720/1080p). I realized what I was doing was working when my best friend (who is quite critical when it comes to viewing my videos) posted this on one of my videos:

best video ever

….Oh and my other friend said this (which I think is a good thing) :

fackin lol m8

My ratings were also going up on my videos:

rating rating 2

Simple compliments of my work allowed me to feel a lot better in what I was doing and it goes to show that the more effort you put into your work and the more hours you spend on it, the better really. It REALLY does pay off in the end. 🙂

Two week creative journey- Moving to a completely new world


So this is where my journey starts. A completely new world. The thoughts going through my head were annoying to say the least. Moving in and saying goodbye to my family wasssss emotional to say the least. I was a ‘pampered’ child. My mum was too good to be and would do EVERYTHING for me. Clean all my clothes, cook food for me and pretty much anything that I found ‘too much effort’ to attempt. So I waved goodbye to my parents and as they drove away my thoughts were on one thing. FREEDOM 😀 (that and how the hell am I going to feed myself for the next 3 years when I can’t even good something as simple as a jacket potato…..) I well and truly murdered that spud.Image

 It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life. For me. And I’m feeling good (8)

Muse- Feeling Good

Back to the Future Scene Analysis

Back to the Future ‘You leave her alone’ sequence.

hey you

In this sequence, we see George McFly, a ‘nerdy wimp’ who is unable to stick up for himself. This sequence however shows a different side of George as he attempts to take on who he thinks is Marty and safe Lorraine, thus winning her heart.

This part of the film is vital as without it the narrative wouldn’t have progressed into George and Lorraine finally kissing for the first time, which inevitably saves Marty and his brother and sister. The stylistic elements such as the use of costume are very important as they add a realistic edge to the film, which is that it is set in the 1950s. The use of props such as old cars adds to this.  Dean Cundey, the cinematographer of the Back to the Future franchise, tends to use older forms of technology and equipment, to produce the same effect to a sequence as special effects to this current day would. The ‘reefer addicts’ part of the sequence is interesting as it informs us of the time the film is set, as at the time black people had little to no civil rights.

reefer addicts

As I was watching the sequence, I went through a variation of emotions. I firstly felt scared for Lorrain and George’s welfare. The use of medium shots showed all the detail needed to make the viewer panic for their welfare. The low angle shot of George saying ‘Hey you get your damn hands off her’ was used more as a shot of Biff’s point of view, whereas traditionally this shot is used when a character is in a vulnerable situation. This technique is interesting as it actually makes us fear for George whereas the angling of the shot makes it seem as if Biff should be feeling vulnerable however George doesn’t seem very threatening at the time of the film.

The part where Biff grabs George’s arm and George clenches his fist is quite a saddening sequence to watch and quite a horrific one in many ways because the loud laughter from Biff and the eerie music makes the scene seem as if it is from a horror movie where the character sees something shocking or seems quite scared. I feel a sigh of relief when George finally punches Biff as it allows the narrative to carry on flowing and resolves the issue of George and Lorraine’s distant relationship.


The use of bland, basic colours such as light yellow and light blue allows the focus of the scene to be precisely on the main characters. The scene itself breaks the ideology of George, and that he can actually stick up for himself and fight for the girl he loves, which isn’t so apparent in the other scenes of the movie where he lets biff control him and doesn’t devote any time in trying to ask out Lorraine. To conclude I feel the performance of the characters was successful in conveying the message they were trying to promote, which was that the shy, weaker characters can come out on top and save the day. I feel that there was a good, strong emotional performance from Lea Thompson (Lorraine) and inspiring performance from Crispin Glover (George) during this sequence. The scene nicely sets up the following scene, where Marty plays at the Enchantment under the sea dance thus setting up the moment where Lorraine and George finally kiss.


To conclude I feel this scene is effective in helping keep the flow of the film and allows the audience to feel a mixture of emotions during the sequences due to the clever cinematography, editing and mise en scene.