Becoming more professional in my work (Sharing Knowledge Post)

Over the past year or so I feel that my films have become more and more professional. The first film I made was called ‘James Bond Wannabe’ where I used my sisters Logitech Webcam and filmed myself doing various sketches and what not (I wont go into too much detail). At the time I thought that ‘Windows Movie Maker’ was the greatest creation ever made for Windows. OH how I was wrong…



I then decided one day in 2012, after so many years of using ‘Windows Movie Maker’ and the newer ‘Windows Live Movie Maker’ (Which was even worse), that it was time to find a better editing software. After various downloads and program tests, I decided that Sony Vegas Pro was right for me. It’s such a simple, user friendly program. It may not be so good for proper professional films HOWEVER for something like my film portfolio for instance, its perfect.

much better


As I started using a better camera (Canon 650d), Better equipment (Using an actual Tripod rather than trying to balance it), planning my shots and scripting what I say and do AND using better editing software (Sony Vegas Pro) I started to notice an improvement, not only in the quality of my work but in the comments section of YouTube too.The quality had drastically improved (from the 240p of the old YouTube days, to full 720/1080p). I realized what I was doing was working when my best friend (who is quite critical when it comes to viewing my videos) posted this on one of my videos:

best video ever

….Oh and my other friend said this (which I think is a good thing) :

fackin lol m8

My ratings were also going up on my videos:

rating rating 2

Simple compliments of my work allowed me to feel a lot better in what I was doing and it goes to show that the more effort you put into your work and the more hours you spend on it, the better really. It REALLY does pay off in the end. 🙂