On Shoot for my first ever extra work on a music video!


I was lucky enough to be on set of Enter Shikari’s music video for their new song ‘Rat Race’!

Here’s me taking a photo of the random forest we got lost in on our way to a random farm in Farnham (quite a nice photo actually)



Shameless selfie on set

IMG_3658The MASSIVE floodlight that was keeping a large proportion of the set alight

IMG_3660 IMG_3659


A couple of behind the scenes shots of the cars which were used to put video equipment on top of such as big lights to shine onto the extras. After 5 hours of waiting around and working hard setting everything up and running around keeping the extras happy, im not surprised the girl above looks as if she is falling asleep ^


A little snap I got of the band getting ready to run 😀

Overall the experience was an interesting one that I definitely won’t forget. Not only did I get to meet one of my favorite bands BUT I got a real inside look on how a big production like this works and all the different job roles that are available in the film industry.


And I think you know they must’ve missed a point. Hold on, we just hold on for an exit (8)

Enter Shikari- Rat Race


My first memories of the internet.


packard bell

This sound might be recognisable to some (its such a legendary sound that it now has its own website) :

Then….there was this:

(Not me but I was genuinely that sad)

and finalllyyyy…..this:

( I got a 6 month membership but my 10 year old self got bored after 2 weeks)

Oh and club penguin now has its own internet meme…..

club penguinclub penguin 2

Oh and to finish this marvellous blog post off, here’s a few ways in which I use to speak on Facebook…. (oh the joy)

What’s that coming over the hill, is it a monster? is it a monster? (8)

The Automatic- Monster



Hello. Future Self.

I hope you’re doing well!. I’ve used some amazing websites to determine what my life is going to be like. I feel as if they’re HIGHLY accurate. I’d like to think in 4 year time im not dead and HOPEFULLY not bald either. Let’s hope the terrible spots go away by then, ayy? Lets hope there’s some miracle spot/hair loss prevention cream out there in 4 years time. I I bloody hope Britain is out of the recession by then. PLEASE?!…

 baldnessblog pic 3me

Oh damn it.

blog pic 2

 Hmm, close enough/



(such amazing spelling by whoever created this quiz)

Joshua Sampson. 22 Years Old.

Lets hope I wont be on a road to nowhere.

I’m on the road to nowhere,
an’ I just wanna find my somewhere. (8)

The Subways- Road To Nowhere

Living with 3rd years and a 2nd year student. EEP!

I knew that living with student’s who were 19/20/21 would be strange. But man do I feel like such a baby. I feel as if I should walk around the house wearing a nappy. Graham (Who is an interesting character to say the least) is 29. OH how I feel really young. I also can’t lazy about and get my poor old mum to do everything for me. Oh how I miss being lazy.


And I’m too young to care, yeah… (8)

Muse- Blackout


My rooms got slightlyyy messy….


(Excuse the hand guesture)

Josh: Hi mum could you come all the way from London and clean my room for me like you used to?

Mum: Yes of course, anything for my darling son.

PSHHHHH, I wish. 😦

There’s a world where I can go and tell my secrets to
In my room, in my room (8)

The Beach Boys- In My Room