On Shoot for my first ever extra work on a music video!


I was lucky enough to be on set of Enter Shikari’s music video for their new song ‘Rat Race’!

Here’s me taking a photo of the random forest we got lost in on our way to a random farm in Farnham (quite a nice photo actually)



Shameless selfie on set

IMG_3658The MASSIVE floodlight that was keeping a large proportion of the set alight

IMG_3660 IMG_3659


A couple of behind the scenes shots of the cars which were used to put video equipment on top of such as big lights to shine onto the extras. After 5 hours of waiting around and working hard setting everything up and running around keeping the extras happy, im not surprised the girl above looks as if she is falling asleep ^


A little snap I got of the band getting ready to run 😀

Overall the experience was an interesting one that I definitely won’t forget. Not only did I get to meet one of my favorite bands BUT I got a real inside look on how a big production like this works and all the different job roles that are available in the film industry.


And I think you know they must’ve missed a point. Hold on, we just hold on for an exit (8)

Enter Shikari- Rat Race


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