Hello. Future Self.

I hope you’re doing well!. I’ve used some amazing websites to determine what my life is going to be like. I feel as if they’re HIGHLY accurate. I’d like to think in 4 year time im not dead and HOPEFULLY not bald either. Let’s hope the terrible spots go away by then, ayy? Lets hope there’s some miracle spot/hair loss prevention cream out there in 4 years time. I I bloody hope Britain is out of the recession by then. PLEASE?!…

 baldnessblog pic 3me

Oh damn it.

blog pic 2

 Hmm, close enough/



(such amazing spelling by whoever created this quiz)

Joshua Sampson. 22 Years Old.

Lets hope I wont be on a road to nowhere.

I’m on the road to nowhere,
an’ I just wanna find my somewhere. (8)

The Subways- Road To Nowhere


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