‘Back to the Future’ Film Review!


‘GREAT SCOTT!!’ 1.21 GIGGAWATTS….These are only some of the many classic catchphrases you’ll hear during ‘Back to the Future’ a 1980’s sci-fi comedy starring Michael J Fox as Marty and Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown. The movie sees Marty Mcfly, a teenager who is accidentally sent back in time from 1985 to 1955. He meets his future-parents and accidentally attracts his future mother’s romantic interest. Marty must change history by causing his parents to fall in love, and with the help of Dr Emmett Brown he must find a way back to 1985.

What’s interesting is at the time Dean Cundey, the cinematographer of the Back to the Future franchise, used older forms of technology and equipment, to produce the same effect to a sequence as special effects to this current day would. The fictional town of ‘Hill Valley’  for instance is particularly interesting as buildings such as The Hill Valley courthouse can also be found in the movies such as Bruce Almighty and Gremlins.


The ‘Back to the Future’ Trilogy in my opinion is one of the biggest, most successful trilogies of all time. The ‘Back to the Future’ franchise is still big to this day due to the ‘Cult Following’ it has built up from the very first Back to the Future in 1985. Congrats ‘Back to the Future’, for being a highly successful and massively entertaining franchise! 🙂

My Favorite Line from the ‘Back to the Future’ Part 1.